She who needs no introduction has been most generous with her time and insight. Always. Uzramma’s words have been the very reason we embarked on this journey. We are most proud and privileged to have her mentor us.

Chennabasappa Masuti, Farmer

Popularly called ‘Chairman’ among the locals, his absolute belief in natural farming for more than two decades, keeps our faith in our work.

Chitra Vishwanath, Trustee

An architect by profession, the ecological principles which guide her work find resonance in her role with Udaanta. She is our go-to for all things wise and wonderful.

Ravi Kiran, Trustee

Also known as 'metaphor racha’. The solid, on-the-ground knowledge and experience of several years he brings to Kandu is a natural extension of his work with local crafts-people like spinners, weavers, dyers, printers and tailors.

Sushma Veerappa, Trustee

A filmmaker who began seeking brown cotton for a film, and is currently Udaanta’s general dogsbody.

Shivashanker M S, Ginner

A third generation cotton ginner, Shivashanker’s 1894-make cotton ginning machine abuts his home along with the peanut and coconut oil pressers, grain husker, and flour mill.

Chethan J Nayak, Tax & Statutory Advisor

Don’t let the young man’s looks fool you. He has 8 years of experience in the field of Compliance, Finance and Corporate portfolios, and measured advise proffered in a calm tone always up his sleeve.

Renucka Naik, Legal Advisor

Nothing escapes her. She taught us that every word, phrase and punctuation count. Her keen attention to the minutest of details demystifies legal jargon and makes it commonplace like it should be.

Sumanas Koulagi, the Swaraj man

This blue eyed boy of the handloom industry, along with his father Santosh, and the spinners and weavers of Janapada Seva Trust, Melkote, are an indisputable asset to Kandu - in their work and spirit.