The colours which we use at Kandu are all natural. 

Kandu - Naturally grown brown cotton. 

Alizarin - Red colour extracted from Alizarin, a non-toxic byproduct of coal tar.

IndigoBlue colour extracted from Indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria).

KasimBlack colour extracted from iron rust and fermented jaggery.

CatechuBrown colour extracted from the heartwood of Catechu plant (Acacia catechu).

Kora - Natural colour of unbleached white cotton. 

Anar - Yellow extracted from the outer rind of pomegranate mixed with myrobalan. 

GreenThe dye is present in the whole Wedelia plant except its flowers. The leaves and stem are pounded with wooden pestle with sprinkling of dew water and ground to extract the solution fully. The solution separated is fortified with lotus leaves juice and slaked lime and aged for 7 to 8 days. When the solution turns into dark granite green moss, it indicates that it is ready to be used as dye. During dyeing, plantain sap and wood ash are used for desired effects. [Information courtesy: Wrukshatone