Kandu | Bytoo Checks [Kasim, Anar]
Kandu | Bytoo Checks [Kasim, Anar]
Kandu | Bytoo Checks [Kasim, Anar]
Kandu | Bytoo Checks [Kasim, Anar]
Kandu: Brown Cotton

Kandu | Bytoo Checks [Kasim, Anar]

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Product: Kandu fabric | Rainfed and chemical-free natural brown cotton, ambara charaka spun, hand-woven textile. To know more about the fabric, click here. 


Colour: Warp: Natural Brown, Kasim, Pomegranate peel | Weft: Natural Brown, Kasim, Pomegranate peel. To know more about colours, click here. 


Size: Fabric width: 48", checks of 2 square inch


Weight: One meter = approx. 150 grams | Medium weight | 33 counts yarn on warp and weft


Suggested Use: Clothing


Price: Price is per meter


Care: Kandu textile is pre-washed. Soak and hand-wash with mild detergent separately in cold water before using. Dry in shade. Expect a shrinkage of 3 to 4%. The play of molecules in brown cotton fibre intensifies the colour through the first few washes. The colour comes into itself over time, just as the textile softens into your skin. To know more, click here. 


Shipping: Free shipping within India. We dispatch your order within a week following your purchase, through a reliable courier service. It should reach you within 4-5 working days, anywhere within India. Special delivery requests and buyers outside of India can mail us at browncotton@kandu.in for more details. To know more, click here. 


Note: Every textile length (thaan) varies between 1 and 10 meters. If you want longer running lengths in one piece, do contact us before your purchase. We do not offer refunds on any order since we present limited quantities of textile.